DNN is a content management system that has been used widely as a web development system as well. It has endless opportunities to offer and yet to explore in order to make the website more innovative and attention seeking. It is immensely compatible with Microsoft, facilitates the styling of web pages by JavaScript, uses ASP.net for coding and other technicalities.


Good reasons to switch to DNN environment

The reasons are good and solid enough to switch to this platform. It is open source management system. It offers compatibility with other systems and facilitates other codes that has been written in any other language. Maintain a record in virtual memory that could be restored at any time.

Access could be restricted by exercising the option of restricted access so that only authorized person could do the changes in the code. Robust and massive bulk e-mailing can be done very easily. Webpages and website can be made attractive and stylish by using JavaScript style sheets. DotNetNuke is right hand for developers. They feel so relaxed and comfortable while working on this platform as it does take care of all the requirements and performance is of high level by the app or web pages being developed on this platform.


Any code written on DNN is a validated code that works properly and follows all recommended practices for developing the content on this platform. It knows that XHTML or HTML5 compliance is highly used to validate and authorize the line of codes while developing a web page or website. It implies a Meta data structure that makes it readable and useful for the search engines as well.

Keywords and tags are often thought as a necessary tools for connecting the web content with the virtual search engines but in reality it is not the case. The description of the web content is essential for indexing in SEO’s, tags and categories are not enough to make it visible and available in search engine results. That’s is why it is significant to keep the explanation part simple, clear cut and to the point to facilitate the user with a quick overview of the web page you are wishing him/her to visit. This could be done efficiently with DotNetNuke platform. Robust and effective we b development is promised by it after all.



While inserting the image you should not write in the image, search engines can’t read it therefore making it available in search results would be a problem for SEOs. The purpose of explaining the don’ts of DNN is mainly because of SEO issues as SEO sometimes fails to recognize or read the certain tags and categories. It is therefore advised to give to the point explanation of the content.

What you cannot do in this platform is that web pages being developed in different environments or platforms cannot be compiled on this platform. The essential substance of providing an open source management is the sole reason to integrate styling, optimization of code etc. on one single platform rather to compromise on any one property by developing the page in some other less effective and efficient environment.