There are numerous self help books that are meant to help the software engineers and other people who have little physical activity but instead offer mental services. Such end up, although they work very hard, being sedentary, birthing health issues. Having a good schedule can help keep the engineers active and healthy. Those in self employment have another hurdle to jump too, that of making good use of time resource. In both cases, a schedule is really necessary but if it is made to work and which is regularly followed. Let us take a typical working day and assign appropriate time to tasks. This is a rough estimate that can be customized since have cars and distances to cover while others work at home.

Early to bed and early to rise is an old adage that applies in all cases. Starting the day early keeps the mind organized and there is no sudden rush that will make you skip some steps. While there is no uniform sleeping time, seven hours will help the mind refresh and the body to reconstruct. It is necessary to sleep for regular periods for the mind to adjust to that. That keeps off sleep debt and keeps you at your optimum productivity level.

Early in the morning, it is good to stretch, feel all the parts of your body, stretch and turn for around 15 minutes. This helps you yawn, get joints and muscles ready for the day and refreshes the back. A shower can follow with breakfast soon following. Taking the breakfast in a relaxed manner will make it worthwhile. Always take time to chew and to feel the taste of each item on your table. This gets you in touch with the goodness of life. All this may be happening as you see news updates on TV and you later brush, freshen up and leave the house. Jobs differ but principles governing them are the same. Keep sane by refreshing from time to time. Breaks are very necessary. Brief breaks help the workers refresh and get ready for another day. Taking water and natural juices instead of snacks will help the body keep off unnecessary fats and keep all engineers in good shape.

Let us jump to the evening hours (or morning hours to those in the night shifts). This time, you must be exhausted from a days work and the day seems so short, it is like just a couple of hours. You may have driven home or rode in the vehicles to get home. I know you have friends but hanging out with them is not a daily part of the schedule.) Assuming you get home at sundown or later, you may decide to catch up with the news.  Here is a great way to watch the news:

Instead of sitting adding on weight from calorie drinks and beer, walking or running on the treadmill is a great thing. You will still watch news since the latest models are very quiet while enjoying each of the bits you see your heart rate improving and the calories burning as you enjoy the music and programs. You later enjoy dinner, chatting with friends and family and unleashing the joys and disappointments of the day. Do not carry baggage to tomorrow and try and avoid carrying work home. Doctors do not carry patients home!