A theme entails the appearance of something and its background depicted by blends of colors used. Usually to contrasting colors or matching ones are intertwined and blended to create a theme. It is them applied to the fashion of the day; the beautifications that come bring the grandeur and shadings of the cars to be used. They can be manipulated to give greatness and create warm feelings to suit any occasion.

 A theme carries so much in itself. Colors are soothing to the heart and they have a reflection of how we feel. If a red color is chosen, it can be matched with a bright white for a ‘hot’ look and for people who are daring, outgoing. In contrast, Lilac chosen as the theme color would present a relaxed atmosphere, purity and serenity.

A theme is so powerful. Not only does it cause the feelings but colors can have a distracting or healing effect. It’s no wonder that hospitals carry neutral colors that tend to calm the mind and relax the patient. Ever thought how bad hospitals would look in red paint? It would send patients sick! On the other hand, blue and green are soothing and they relax the mind.

A theme carries the mood of the day. If you visualize a brightly shining or dazzling item, your eye will no doubt get attracted and absorbed in them. Bright themes create a glow in the people and tend to brighten up their faces. Observed daily as the sun sets and they brighten me up. The converse is true. A dull theme carries a boring mood, black for mourning and sad days suits it and dazzling for a wedding day carries the day.

A theme can be exotic, traditional or personalized. This can be observed in a cross section of the cultures world over where we find themes associated with rituals, festivities, traditional dance settings and food service. A theme can thus create memories and appeal to the minds of all observers.

One occasion in which themes stand out are the weddings. Sites have been developed and bridal advisory bodies that design the best blend and then apply the acquired theme to all events of the day. Beauty and elegance are considered and manifested in all things. Such lovely days that need all attention and carry nostalgia and warm memories should be relinquished. 

Colors are thus an important ingredient that adds to beauty of life and moods of all.