Websites serve as a public image of your business. They need to be seen and felt, contacted and visited. This however does not come without an effort; it is just like getting refined gold. It has to pass through many refining stages to have the highest quality. A website needs to be refined too. Its content ought to be catchy, easily understood with an interesting flow. That done, the site needs to be optimized, made friendly to the search engines so that it ranks on or near the top or greater visibility to yield more visitors as a result. 

A great way to increase your online presence is through creation of numerous back links. Not to be forgotten is the fact that content must be very good failure to which all these other processes would be in futile. Back links are links, as it were, directing to your website. These can connect directly to your site. Among the many benefits of back links have the ability to show your websites even in related searches and not those exactly seeking the information in your site as ‘framed’. They thus direct people to your site seeking theinformation or data. 
Back links will thus broadcast your online presence through blogs, linked data and related searches. Search Engine Optimization on the other hand makes the content wording be easily picked during searches by the search Engines, ranking you highly and making your site visible to clients. To explain what the visibility is, you may need to picture how many search results search engines display in a single search. Out of the thousands of pages, you only look at the first page and frame the wording if you do not get a match of your search. 
Now, picture a non-optimized page: Since this page cannot rank on page one of the search engine, it is simply covered in the thousands of pages which no one looks at. In short, there is no visibility. No visibility translates to no visitors and at the end, no business for the web owner. 
With that in mind, you agree that you need your content perfectly written and optimized to catch the attention of search engines and no wonder the in-thing today is to optimize all content that goes into a website.  People being hired to write are expected to be knowledgeable in the field of optimization.  If this is done by the web designers, the owners will be glad to have good fruits. Competition is really high and there is a need for regular updates and creation of more back links as time goes to keep up with the wave of change.