Don't let slow typing hold you back! You can learn and adapt your skills on how to double your typing speed and get rid of the typos. Just imagine the impact on your productivity!  So, how fast can you type?

A simple test calculator will calculate words per minute.  The most important and basic score is "words per minute", or "wpm" for short.  A word is taken as five characters long including blank spaces. This is a corrected score.  During the test, each error made reduces the “words per minute” by one.  

If you’re serious about improving your typing skills, there are a lot of typing tests WPM online.  Find accurate free typing test that works in your web browser and takes only a couple of minutes to complete. Select a time and text to type. After the quick test, you will see your typing speed, accuracy, scoring and net speed.  

Most people can't resist getting a typing test online. Every time they visit, it allows them to see if their speed has improved.  They say this often boost their self esteem.  

Many companies nowadays need to make sure that the applicants have fast typing skills suitable for their work offer.  This also tests their ability to comprehend and analyze in a fast pacing.  The key to success is commitment and productivity.  25 words per minute is the benchmark usually.  How fast can you type?  Many transcription jobs and call center jobs require fast typing skills.  This means that one must pass their typing test before they apply to a position.  

Then, how can you improve your typing skills? It’s time for you to concentrate.  You can do it.  Practice, practice and practice more.  Make sure that you practice typing using a hard button keyboard.  Ideally, you need to memorize where the keys, numbers, letters and symbols are located.  Practice your hand movements.  Try to adjust day by day.  Try to practice at least 30minutes per day.  And most importantly, get a good standard Typing Test online.