Website is a collection of related pages, images, videos, music or other digital information that are addressed relative to a common Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  A website is hosted on at least one web server, accessible via an internet.

A quality website is accessible to breadth of browser compatibility, plain text/HTML alternate entry paths and appeal to audience.  The HTML quality must have no faulty code.  Your website must have originality in artwork and intellectual property.  The international copyright laws are properly observed.  It must also be user friendly that provides aids, tools and resources for people.  It must also be concise and simple.  An interesting web page must be visually appealing, artistic and professionally creative.  This must also promote customer or surfer interaction.  With regards to technology, it effectively uses leading edge technologies like Java, HTML, advanced coding, CSS, peer to peer and others.  Use of streaming media with audio and video broadcast is very significant.  The multi sensory appeal and impact must get the customers’ attention.  In overall effectiveness, website goals must be achieved professionally.  

All websites publicly viewed and accessed is called the World Wide Web.  Websites today are expressed differently.  Some websites derive revenue by advertising and selling on the site.  The products, programs and services can be purchased on the website itself.  Many consumers prefer now to buy online than going to the shops.  It is easier and more practical.  

One of the types of website that people check is the web log, which is commonly known as the blog.  This is a site that generally used to post online day to day discussions, happenings, or life experiences.  These depends on the blogger what he wants to share to the people.  Some bloggers are professional bloggers.  They are paid to express about a certain subject.  They are usually found on news and informative sites.  

Generally these days, both young and old engage on entertaining themselves with social networking sites.  This is a site where surfers and users could communicate and share information with one another.  Most visited social networking sites are multiply, facebook, and friendster.  

The best way to build a good and eye catching website is to register first your domain name.  Make a draft.  Build from scratch.  Once you have the name that you want, you can create it and you can own it for as long as you want.  Then from there, you can create your web pages.  Just make sure that this is worth keeping.  
An excellent website needed to be achieved needs to capture the feel of the company and its purpose.  In this way, you attain a solid and lasting impression to its customers.  Help the clients navigate from page to page and discover content.  

To consider a good and resourceful website, the key is to have patience and accuracy.  It is a dedicated way to help people and create a better place to live in.