Almost everyone finds it hectic to manage the content of website indeed a bid task. Website is created but when someone wants to make changes then it creates irritation. But we must thankful to the IT world that is serving people at their best in order to provide ease and on the other side IT has created the difficulty in making choice as there are many CMS out there on internet, we have to select from. We can make it easy, only we have to be clear about our requirements to select the suitable one.

DotNetNuke and Joomla are the best to discuss as far as CMS is concerned. Both are top performer. DotNetNuke Is written and an ASP.Net CMS while Joomla uses PHP but they have few main differences also instead of this one. It’s surprising! DotNetNuke is a house of core functionalities whereas Joomla lacks in it. Core functionalities? How it is surprising? Because every site is proffering it… Yes! But here it is meant for database replication, photo gallery, event management and things like that mostly every site wants to deal with and Joomla looks weak in it. 

Customization Facility

When Customization is concerned Joomla seems a bit strong that a client may tailor the website according their requirements by using plugins and customization facilities. Developer also addresses the requirements by choosing a theme from many templates available but in Joomla there are mostly same layouts that make your site looks similar like others. But in DotNetNuke provides flexibility to make the website unique, so people could go for it.

Use of Technology

How DotNetNuke make use of basic technology? It do so by using superior framework of from Microsoft that is expensive. But it is not so in Joomla that at the backend end uses PHP and MySQL. Where corporate and enterprise intranet are concerned there DotNetNuke is doing miracles, as they require flexibility and need to integrate with the systems that are built using similar technology. These corporates or enterprises could easily afford this facility and they prefer DotNetNuke over Joomla’s cost effectiveness and other quick and expandable services.

Support Services

In support element Yes! There are categories made in DotNetNuke in the form of Basic, Professional and Elite. In basic one developers could get help from other developers on an interactive forum, Professional is paid version that is assisting developers without limits and in elite version any one can have telephonic response within 2 hours. Joomla doesn’t have any paid version. DNN Versions are excessively tested or verified especially the professional and elite versions. DNN Versions are providing more facility than any other CMS. 

Ease of Use

DNN module development process seems agile and cinch to adopt unlike other CMS. DotNetNuke makes content editing quick and easy, one can have also the ease of changing position by dragging. DNN module development with DNN tools enhance the usability. Third parties are making whole procedure easier by providing all in one pack. 

Whole system is assisting users in a proficient way. Functionality, customization, support and ease of use definitely attracting many clients that seeks quality. DotNetNuke could be considered best for business scale for making interactive websites.