Nothing hurts more than when working on a task and suddenly the server is down! You bite the lips and curse. It is just bad. I remember a day I had logged in to a program and I had got busy transferring data. I had not saved a single icon when the server fell. I remember knocking on may machine as though it was the hell. For most people who use modems to connect to the internet, when a remote computer cannot be accessed and we have paid for these services, it interrupts communication and causes much heartache.

A good server is good for reliability and for comfort of the users. Once you are online, you are sure to complete your tasks uninterrupted while your clients can be kept on track. When communication is open, investors are sure to get their returns while their clients receive their services.  Since a server is connected to hundreds or even thousand s of computers, it is important that the provider ensures a smooth flow of traffic by providing a broadband.

Program developers should also consider the varied needs of the program consumers and develop programs that are machine friendly to avoid dragging. There are some anti virus programs that are very heavy on the machine, thanks heavens these are for use by individual computers. If they were to be a server site, computers would stall and clients would not be happy with the providers.

A good server is needed as I said for smooth flow. Since a server is one powerful machine to serve many, it should have an equally powerful memory to handle the many clients who need to use its services, a very fast and strong processor speed to handle the traffic fast and efficiently and thus keep the clients satisfied.

Human systems may tire anyway but the servers should have a backup system to avoid the dire consequences of data loss to thousands of clients that depend on the server. If the client base increases and updates need to be installed, they should be done in a comfortable manner that does not hurt the clients. When a server goes down, all its users suffer and I must say it causes harm to or well being. The more times we get mad and call names, if done repeatedly gets us unstable. We need stable servers to work.

Just to mention, a friend of mine was working on a new site that got him irritated and really worked up. Three days of trial and the servers were out to stress him all the more! A server should give clients the best web hosting and handle traffic and communications effectively if it has to remain a choice of the clients. An unstable server will assume loss to the providers as the clients move to alternative providers esteemed to give better services.