The word Content Management System is not much older as it seems to be. Generally abbreviated as CMS, a content management system is a handy tool for the web developers to develop high quality websites both static as well as dynamic. As the requirements of the customers kept on changing the use and features of various CMS have also been changed a lot. During early seventies the web developers were not much familiar with the advantages of CMS due to which they have to design both front end as well as back end at their own by writing huge lines of code. This is the main reason why web development took so much time and cost.

Today we will be discussing one very unique and latest CMS being used now a days by most of professional. The name of CMS is DotNetNuke. It has been written by using Visual Basic/C# language and supports the Asp.Net for web development. It enables the developers to prepare high tech websites by providing user friendly tools and built in codes for distinctive features. DotNetNuke also provides template designs for various website niche such as business, entertainment, fun, real estate, education, networking, shopping cart etc. By using the built in template and skin designs the developer can quickly prepare website. These were some of the front end uses of CMS , but the website has got other essential requirement as well such as security. In today’s world websites have become an indispensable source of financial transactions. For example, now you can pay your bills, recharge your cell phone, transact cash from one country to other, buy house hold goods, apparels, books, railway tickets etc online. But the problem is that while dealing with money the threat to security always exists. To avoid the website from the attack of hackers and other anti social elements the developers need a solid code.

The DotNetNuke has got some extremely powerful security features which automatically encrypt the user’s confidential data and transaction while transferring from source to destination. The encryption is protected by a key without which the receiver cannot decrypt the data and the transaction does not get executed. Suppose if a hacker intrudes in the website to fetch the user name and password of the user even then he would not be able to read it because it will be in an encrypted form. Hence by this way DotNetNuke CMS provides unmatchable security to its clients. Apart from this significant security feature several other security elements and codes also available in this CMS. So it is highly recommended that if the developer is working on Asp.Net website than he must use this CMS rather than any other CMS. CMS also helps to easily store and retrieve the data. It helps to create new dynamic web pages , and there server side management as well. Even the customer support provided by DotNetNuke is exceptionally fast and easy. As is it open source content management system therefore anybody can use it without any problem.